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Exciting WOW! Deals and Service Coverage

WOW! presents an array of plans and promotions designed to deliver premium services at wallet-friendly prices. Whether you desire WOW! Internet + TV, WOW! Internet + Phone, or the comprehensive WOW! Internet + TV + Phone package, our internet bundles offer a diverse range of options tailored just for you.

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*WOW! offers a variety of plans and promotions. The availability of specific plans and features may vary based on location and package selection. Prices for WOW! plans and packages are subject to change and may vary based on the chosen services and region.

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Family Time

Discover the amazing WOW! Triple Play Bundles, combining Internet, TV, and Phone services.

Among all WOW! offers, the WOW! Triple Play bundles stand out as a top choice for both residential and business users. These bundles offer affordable rates, top-notch internet, TV, and phone services, along with unlimited local calling, next day installation, and exceptional customer care.

Get your WOW Plan Today, Check Out Plans and Pricings.

*WOW! Triple Play Bundles are subject to availability in specific regions and may not be offered in all areas. Please review the detailed terms and conditions provided with the subscription agreement for specific information related to the WOW! Triple Play Bundles.

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WOW! Internet Plans Internet 100 Internet 200 Internet 500 Internet 1 Gigs Internet 1.2 Gigs
Max. Download / Upload Speed 100/10 Mbps 200/10 Mbps 500/50 Mbps 1000/50 Mbps 1200/50 Mbps
Data Allowance Unlimited or 1.5 TB Unlimited or 1.5 TB Unlimited or 2.5 TB Unlimited or 3 TB Unlimited
Best For Just The Basic A Connected Family Heavy Online Activity Exceptional Service Unlimited Access
Monthly Price $19.99/mo.
*for 12 months
*for 12 months
*for 12 months
*for 12 months
*for 12 months
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Service Availability

Confirm the availability of WOW! Internet access through fiber or cable in your location.

WOW! Cable network extends its services across multiple regions in six states. Additionally, WOW! fiber optic internet service is becoming increasingly accessible throughout this six-state area. If you reside in any of these states, check the service availability in your specific area and connect to the reliable WOW! network without delay! Contact WOW! customer care to inquire about the latest offers and deals on WOW! plans and packages tailored to your ZIP code.

Are you located in one of these states?

Michigan: Detroit, Mid-Michigan
Georgia: Augusta, Columbus, Fort Gordon, Newnan
South Carolina: Charleston, Greenville
Florida: Central Florida, Panama City, Pinellas
Alabama: Auburn, Dothan, Headland, Huntsville, Montgomery, Valley
Tennessee: Knoxville
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